Essay Contest

Calling all students! It’s that time again – scholarship season! @HoustonMoneyWeeknonprofit is giving $5,000 in scholarship and other prizes! Middle and high school students are encouraged to create a GIF and write an essay for a chance to win BIG! (Even ADULTS can get involved and participate.)

GIF Creation:
Create a GIF that highlights the importance of any aspect of financial wellness and health.  Including, but not limited to – Budgeting, savings, credit, debt management, investing, insurance, wealth, choices, and/or financial health.

Essay Prompt:
People usually only go to the doctor when they are sick, but your annual checkup is just as important. The same is true for your financial health. We do not know what the future holds and financial preparedness during calm times will help you weather the storm. In your words, tell us:

“What is financial preparedness and what are some steps you can take now to help prepare you for an unexpected financial situation?”

Upload your submissions here 


This is a great opportunity; and I’m here to help! Join me for a webinar Sunday, March 13th at 7:30pm to prepare you for this year’s essay prompt. Those who attend will also receive a FREE financial resource book.

To register for webinar please email Coach Carter or Tracie Haygood

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